corporate values

Quality is the first thing we go for, both in terms of the quality of our products themselves, and the level of respect for – and improvement of –health and hygiene on the farm. This first value leads us to the second, which is no less important: the satisfaction of our clients, thanks to constant research targeting perfection in our products and service. We achieve that by thinking like pioneers. The continual improvement of our know-how and our products is, in fact, the result of our openly championing innovation in our R&D program. The program also allows us to work on another of our preoccupations: the environment. Sure, we respect the P.A.E.F. environmental norms to the letter, but we also work on best-practice techniques in order to preserve our environment. As an example, we are currently studying a project to produce electricity from our waste. At the end of the day, in order to give these values their due, we count on the integrity and team spirit of everyone – through open discussion, professional behaviour and an impeccable work ethic.